When I started working on lasers soon after its invention in 1960, it was considered to be a solution waiting for a problem. The only funding we get for laser research at the time was from the Department of Defense with an emphasis on progress of the high power laser technology. That eventually led to the development of efficient excimer lasers, which have become most useful in the highly popular Lasik eye surgery. My involvement in the development of high power lasers are chronicled in the substantial number of my publications and invited talks all over the world.


In the four centuries of modern science, Newton’s laws of motion and their various incarnations reigned supreme for more than two hundred years till the end of the Nineteenth century. In the early years of the twentieth century, physicists were puzzled to observe an inescapable wave associated with any fundamental quantum particle, which did not obey the classical laws of mechanics. The deal with this situation Schrödinger developed the wave mechanics and Heisenberg came up with an equivalent Matrix mechanics, collectively known as quantum mechanics.

With the unprecedented success of quantum mechanics, most physicists, except for a handful of people like Einstein, were too euphoric to pay much attention to the study of a possible reality behind the associated wave and the collapse of a wave function upon measurement. With the eventual necessity of having to use the abstract Hilbert space, any possible reality had to take a back seat. But it did not go away. I started investigating to find some answers to these long standing questions of reality in quantum physics and fortunately found some plausible answers in terms of our current understanding of the structural underpinning of our universe. The results of my investigations are published in two papers in arXiv.

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